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What’s in a logo? Logo design and corporate branding

What’s in a logo? What do you want to accomplish with your logo? A look at how we aim to work and deal with logo design and corporate branding.

Goal and Objective:
So you have a business, be it new or existing, and you want to focus on getting your logo and corporate branding moving forward.
What is your goal and objective with your logo?
Do you want a text based logo, an image based logo, a logo that uses the initials of the company name or a hybrid-mix?
How do you intend to use it? Do you want to be able to use a full range of branding and advertising, or are you just putting it on a website, letterhead and invoice?

Whether we are helping create a brand from scratch or helping to modify and update an existing logo there are certain steps that we take to help you achieve your desired final outcome. We like to discuss with you your business, your plans with your advertising, what you like and want to see in your logo and how you want your corporate branding to portray your business.

Does your business have a slogan, catch phrase or short description that goes with your logo? Do you wish this to be a permanent, or an occasional inclusion on your logo? Jeff Whalan Learning Group (JWLG or JW) have a logo icon, the company text and a slogan. They use both a portrait and landscape version of their logo and even can use just the JW logo text alone, however they have opted not to have a “black and white” monotone version, nor any inverse colour (positive and negative) versions. They also always include their slogan. The gold highlight colour is often used as a feature in their branding and advertising – as a border, a gradient or in headings.

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These are some of the main things we like to discuss with our client and have them ponder prior to us sitting down to actually begin the design process.

  • What do you personally like in a logo? What do you want your corporate branding to portray? Find examples online or in other advertising to express what you like and want to see.
  • What style logo do you want? Text only, text over a graphic, a text graphic of your companies initials, a logo image, a logo mascot? Again the best way to express this is with examples.
  • What colours do you like? There are certain colours that do and do not work well together or may just need a third colour between them. There are colours that look great on screen, but are impossible to replicate in print. There are also colours that are difficult to print consistently. We try hard to work with the colours you want to see in your branding. We are also happy to assist by suggesting or recommending colours that will better express your business, or even small edits to the colours you have chosen to insure quality and consistency.
  • Where will you need to try to fit your logo? Should it be tall, long or square? Why not have some variations? Are you using it online, in print, on vehicles, do you have a shop or building that needs branding? As a print and design company, we can also make recommendations on your design to best match your printing requirements too.
  • Do you want a positive (dark logo on a light background) and a negative version (light logo on a dark background). Useful if you need to use your logo in a wide variety of ways. There are ways to make any logo work on both a dark or light background, however that look may not be favorable to you and your branding.
  • Do you want a “black and white” version of your logo (positive and/or negative). Sometimes you just want that classic black and white look. Sometimes you are going for a simpler advertising plan. Other times it can just look good to have the basic black and white logo as a small feature that doesn’t overwhelm other items around it. As a side note here, consider will your logo look any good printed in black and white or will it lose all the contrast? Not being able to use black and white from time to time will significantly increase your printing budget (or give a poor corporate image), especially on quick in house print.
  • Do you have a slogan you want to incorporate with your logo? You can choose to have a a slogan or short description of what your business does. This can be an item that is always included or optionally included in your branding.

Here at Printing by Tank – Design Print Canberra we also have experience with a range of wide format and sign products such as shop, vehicle and custom signs, banner and vinyl prints, pull up banners and more. We can arrange the supply and installation of a large variety of items to suit your needs. We can help customise your branding to best suit all the different ways you intend to use it while sticking to a look and style that is strong, formal and easily managed.

While the current examples don’t include our slogan
(Design Print Canberra) for simplicity sake,
we have shifted to including it more often
in all our branding and advertising as it
better expresses what we as a business actually do.

Here at Printing by Tank – Design Print Canberra we went for a very clean and simple logo. The use of a couple of fonts and a dividing line. We opted to stick to a single colour.

As you can see here, we have our standard black on white, followed by the white on black. Next you can see the softer alternative which uses a 50% black (grey), and this is shown as both a positive and a negative. Finally we have included two other versions (ones we do actually use), showing what could theoretically be acceptable variations of the logo.

In some cases, a colour variation on a logo is used if the business has different branches and sections. The same logo is colour shaded and a descriptive phrase is added to state what that branch or section is. Two of our client Track Building Group and Termi Home and Commercial do this in similar but slightly different ways.

Termi Home and Commercial Logo Variations

As you can see Termi Home & Commercial (Termi HC) has a colour change and a small logo tweek per section of their business.

Shown here is the Trak Building Group parent logo. The other orange logo is their previous logo before they altered it to branch off in multiple directions. While there is no colour change to the text, there is the small colour change in the logo art.

As you can see, logos are no simple business. A lot more goes in to a logo than just a clever or catchy idea. Logo development can take quite a bit of time and work.

Our aim is to work closely with you to help produce the exact look and feel you are after; meeting all the uses you have intended for your branding. We strive to keep the process as simple and easy as we possibly can, whilst in the shortest time frame.

At Printing by Tank – Design Print Canberra we can help you develop and supply corporate branding guidelines to assist you and any other outside entities that ever work with your logo and corporate branding to insure that it is used within your specification in a manner bolsters the image of your business.

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