December 29, 2017 Tank

Custom Helmet Decals

Ever thought about getting custom helmet decals done to spruce up your helmet?

Whether it is a motor bike helmet, bicycle helmet, skate board helmet, roller derby helmet, baseball helmet or something else, we can work with you to give your helmet a personal touch.

At Printing by Tank – Design Print Canberra we have been producing stickers and decals for various clients for quite some time now. While the focus is too often on decals (bumper stickers) for cars, we want to remind you that we can do work in all sorts of different manners for a huge range of purposes.

The custom stickers and decals can be at any size that best suits your needs. It can be a single colour contour cut vinyl, or a digital print vinyl cut to any shape. We also offer the premium option of a protective over laminate to give it additional scuff and UV protection.

Here at Printing by Tank – Design Print Canberra we can work with you to replicate existing logos and art work, or create something completely new and unique. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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